Temple of Apollo

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There are many historic sites that you can visit in Greece.
One of which is the Temple of Apollo, located in Corinth, Greece. 

This temple is rich in history and is truly one of the must-see places in Greece. People who have an appreciation for the arts and architecture will surely find this very inspiring.
The Temple of Apollo is a Doric peripteral temple, 6 X 15 columns, constructed ca. 540 B.C. The stylobate which measures 53.82 X 21.48 m shows some upward curvature. The temple is characterized by monolithic columns quarried from the limestone ridge near the location of the temple. Only seven columns of the temple remain standing in the modern day although elements of the ground plan of the building are visible in the bedrock cuttings. The temple includes a distyle-in-antis pronaos and opisthodomos as well as two cella chambers. The western cella had 4 interior columns and the eastern had 8 interior columns.

The archaic temple was built on the site of an earlier seventh century B.C. temple, some remains of which have been excavated from t he area of Temple Hill. The monolithic column shafts measure 3.506 m high and do not show entasis. The column capitals were cut as separate blocks of stone. The sima was likely of terracotta. Angle contraction is noted in the design of the colonnades and the architrave.

In the Roman period, the interior colonnades were removed from the cellas of the structure and the columns were reused in the exterior colonnade at the west end of the forum to the northwest of the South Stoa. In the first century A.D. Roman stoas were built on two sides of the temple to the south and north. In the Roman period, the main entrance of the temple was changed from an easterly to a westerly approach.
At west side of site, remains of the large peripteral Temple of Octavia. The temple was built on a podium surrounded by stoas. These three ornate Corinthian columns, overarched by a restored architrave, are all that remain of the temple, dedicated to the sister of the Emperor Augustus.
Panoramic view from Lechaion Road
Panoramic View of Lecheon Load in archeological place of Temple of Apollo
Various names for the Temple of Apollo of old photos
Various names for the Temple of Apollo of old photos found in posting cards and newspapers in time.

Ancient Korinthos from 1896 till 1960 in old photos
A trip back in time throught old rare photos of Ancient Corinth


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