Later History of Corinth

267: lower city destroyed by Goths and Herulians

375: earthquake

395: city conquered by Alaric the Goth

521: earthquake

551: city destroyed by earthquake

6th-8th centuries: repeated invasions by Slavic tribes, settlement moves to Acrocorinth

10th century: lower town is inhabited

11th century: prosperity

1147: Norman invasion by Roger of Sicily, city plundered

1204: Geoffry de Villehardouin is granted Corinth after sack of Constantinople

1205-1208: Acrocorinth is besieged by William of Champlitte

1208: Greek tyrant Leo Sgouros kills himself by riding off the top of Acrocorinth

1208-1210: Acrocorinth continues to resist Geoffrey de Villehardouin and Otto de la Roche

1305: Corinth is site of tournament

1358: control transferred to Niccolo Acciajuoli

1390s: first of attacks by Turks

1430: control is by Palaeologi

1458: Turks finally conquer Corinth, city moves back up to Acrocorinth

16th century: lower town is reinhabited as well as upper town

1612: town controlled by Knights of Malta

1687: town is controlled by Venetians, lower city is burned and deserted

1715: Corinth retaken by Turks

1770: depopulation due to Turkish retaliation for Orloff revolt, repopulation by Albanians

1821-1830: Corinth liberated from Turks, city is destroyed

1831-33: Corinth considered as possible site for new national capital

1858: City destroyed by earthquake, New Corinth is founded

1896: Excavations begun by American School of Classical Studies at Athens

1981: earthquake


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