Twin Kouros Statues back to the Ancient Corinth Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth welcomes two life-sized "Kouros” statues to its vast collection of antiquities at a special event later today to be inaugurated by Culture Minister Aristides Baltas.
The ancient Greek sculptures depicting nude male youths were illegally removed by antiquities smugglers from the area of Klenia in Corinth but were recovered in May 2010 and sent to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens for restoration.
Dating back to the Archaic Period, the pair of marble art works, which were said to have been priced at 10 million euros ahead of auction — have never before gone on display.
The two statues will go on show in a newly renovated branch of the four-hall museum, which was established in 1931-32 and is located in the heart of Ancient Corinth, featuring finds from Korakou, Gonia and Acrocorinth.
Other exhibits at the museum include statues, tools, figurines, pottery, sarcophagi and mosaics. The Kouros experience will be enhanced with the help of audiovisual means.

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