GPHG 2011 – Boucheron's Crazy Jungle Hathi Won The Best Ladies' Watch Award

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The Swiss watch industry's most prestigious annual competition was held in Geneva. Boucheron won the Ladies' Watch Prize with its Crazy Jungle Hathi Timepiece. The technological and designer's marvel that took women's glamour to new heights with its stunning interface is truly remarkable. It tells a story from an exotic world that is waiting to be told.

This watch's main motif is Hathi, the Hindi word meaning elephant. Crazy Jungle Hathi is a watch that was inspired by India and a ceremonial elephant belonging to the royal family.replica tag heuer carrera day date This watch recalls the early decades of the 20th Century, when luxury French brands were closely connected with India, the second most populous country in the world. This incredible jewelry watch was born out of a deep love for India. It won the prestigious Grand Prix d'horlogerie de Geneve award in 2011.

Boucheron Crazy Jungle Hathi comes in two versions. The first variant, with its white gold case and dominant shades, features a dial with Murano aventurine and a glass mosaic paved in amethysts. With shining white diamonds, the shape of an elephant is created.

This artistic figure is also covered in a jewels-set blanket, which includes blue sapphires, green tsavorites and other shimmering stones. Three skinning stars and a 3D skyline surround the animal.tag heuer carrera day date replica The dial is embellished with the figure of an elephant, which covers the 40 sparkling diamonds in a white gold bezel. Blue sapphires are used to paved the other parts of a bezel.

The Crazy Jungle Hathi second edition is made in rose gold, set with diamonds and orange and yellow sapphires. The dial features a multi-colored mosaic of diamonds, onyx, and sapphires.

Technologically and aesthetically, the watch's highlight is the "Crazy Seconds", module. It is displayed through teardrop-shaped apertures in gold.

Boucheron Crazy Jungle Haithi is powered by a GP4000 Caliber self winding movement. It also has an additional module called "Crazy Seconds". This module beats at 28,800 variations per hour and provides 40 hours power reserve. It is large in size, measuring 42 mm in diameter and 11.1 mm thick,richard mille replica watches but it retains femininity and unorthodox elegance.

The proud elephant, with its trunk curled up in the air symbolizes luck. We should not be surprised if you believe that money brings luck. The 72,000-dollar worth watches owned by these ladies are certainly proof of that.


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